Adhesions reform after surgery!

July 31, 2010


Surgery without any effects…

and which could be very dangerous, especially in adhesions surgery cases!

The next some images show why a surgery without adequate adhesion barriers doesn’t work and therefore is absolute

unnecessary, without any effect and can be dangerous.


This patient has adhesions between sigma / left pelvic wall / uterus / ovary



After 4 hours of surgery all organs could be isolated and the anatomical result is excellent:


We didn’t apply SprayGel as there was a small lesion of the serosa of the bowel which was sutured. We didn’t use SprayGel in the same procedure due to increasing infection potential in case of suture insufficiency.

In such cases we perform a second-look around 4 – 5 days later to check if the bowel is ok and apply than SprayShield / SprayGel.

So this is how it looks only 4 days later after an ecellent adhesiolysis !!!



In this and some other cases we didn’t apply SprayGel in the first procedure, so we could see what is the reality: an adhesiolysis without any adhesion barrier doesn’t work !!!



All the adhesions reformed and even got more severe and worse…

And if the patients had not been in OUR adhesiolysis concept…

All that work had been for nothing and with high risk and complication possibilities for the patients…

Due to the early second-look in cases of bowel injuries, the adhesions are only attached and can be taken down simply by touching with an instrument and some aqua dissection without any bleeding:



So in OUR concept of adhesion surgery, it is possible in the secon look procedure to check the bowel (it was intact in this case) and to apply SprayShield, that will for sure prevent adhesion reformation.



Without SprayShield and without a SECOND-LOOK procedure it would be a real unnecessary and dangerous surgery !

Please be aware of surgery without adequate tools, adhesion barriers (SprayShield) and without a second-look, performed by so called "specialists" with NO concept and infrastructure as suddenly all surgeons are adhesions surgery specialists!

Avoid also a LAPAROTOMY and if possible a laparoscopy with GAS


(see all the information at this website)