Surgery with no adequate tools

Adhesions reformation after surgeries without adequate adhesions barriers

Oone of our international patients had surgery for ADHESIONS just 4 months before our intervention. This were the findings: adhesions between the small bowel and the cervical stump (after supracervical hysterectomy). 
The adhesions expert surgeon in the US did a very good work: 
but unfortunately it was to no purpose… as the patient felt just a day after surgery the same pain as before. She came to our center and had surgery late January and that was our findings: Isn't it interesting ??? All the same adhesions !!! A complete adhesion reformation !!! I think, the surgery in the US was very expensive ?! But with no good result… 
Anyway, we dissected those adhesions again and applied SprayGel: 
and in the 2nd look, there were no adhesions at all, only very nice healing tissue UNDER the SprayGel. 
So what is the point ???? If you are an ARD sufferer with reccurrent surgeries for adhesions, don't let perform unnecessary and dangerous adhesiolysis surgery anywhere in the world without SprayGel and no specialised surgeon with no adequate infrastructure and operative tools, otherwise all the adhesions will reform and you might get worse.