Our operating theatre is designed according to the state of the art, featuring all kinds of high-tech facilities such as computer-controlled systems, e.g. voice control manipulation and touch screens which enable the surgeon to operate, by voice or touch screens, systems such as lighting, camera, video, irrigation, suction, electrocoagulation, laser, etc. All this serves to cut down essentially on the operating time. The operation, e.g. endoscopic hysterectomy or enucleation of fibroids, takes in general only 60 – 90 minutes. An adhesiolysis takes between 4-12 hours. The operation itself is performed according to the most modern method, which has been to a large extent pioneered or co-pioneered by EndoGyn. After the operation, you will be observed in the recovery room and brought back to the ward after around 30 – 45 minutes where you will be looked after by the nurses. At the end of the day, the surgeon will visit you and, using colored photos of some of the different phases, will inform you of the course and outcome of the operation. A set of these photos will also be given to your attending doctor. 
Already on the day of the operation you will be mobilized and, depending on the nature of the operation, you will be allowed to move. On the first day after the operation, any bladder catheter or drainage devices required during the operation will be removed. As a rule, you will have no pain as from the first day after the operation and you will be able to walk without assistance. You will be discharged around 2 to 5 days after the operation.