OP preparation

Preparation for surgery

If you are having a major operation, you will normally be admitted to hospital the day before the operation in order to enable you to become familiar with the hospital ward (see under "About EndoGyn®" under EndoGyn® Locations) and, on the other hand to give us enough time to determine the necessary blood parameters and to discuss the anesthetic. An electrocardiogram is normally taken from healthy patients aged 45 years or older, and an X-ray of the lungs is taken only from patients aged 65 years or older. In addition, you will have a final consultation with the surgeon in order to discuss any unclear points. Then measures will be initiated to empty the intestines, while giving you light or liquid food. If an abdominal endoscopic procedure is planned, about 2 cm of the upper pubic hair will be shaved by you or by the ward personnel. If you are having a minor operation or if you so wish, you will be admitted to hospital on the day of the operation. But in this case all the necessary preoperative examinations must have been carried out either by your doctor or in our outpatients' department.