In general you will see the surgeon on the morning before the operation. You will be given a surgical gown, an antithrombosis injection as well as stockings against thrombosis, which you will then wear. If there is no need for you to get out of bed again, you will be given the premeditation discussed on the previous day. In general this is a tranquilizer. You will then be brought into the operating theater where you will be attended to first of all by the anesthesia personnel. Once anesthesia has been induced, you will be brought into the operating room. 

Actually laparoscoy is performed under general anesthesia. In our hospitals however we are also able to perform laparoscopy without general anesthesia. At your request or in risk patients, the procedure of surgical laparoscopy without a general anesthesia is done, using instead what is known as regional anesthesia. 
A regional anesthesia at your request is only possible because we use "gasless" lift-laparoscopy. In gas laparoscopy, carbon dioxide is "pumped into" the abdominal cavity. This gives rise to a very high-pressure build-up in the abdomen, compressing the lungs and making it difficult for the patient to breath spontaneously. The carbon dioxide also changes the entire peritoneum into an acid environment due to the formation of carbonic acid. This can cause extremely strong pain in the awake patient, above all in the region of the shoulder and neck. All these mechanisms are avoided if gasless laparoscopy is used. As a result, gasless laparoscopy is an operative technique that is predestined to be carried out without general anesthesia. We have been able to already gather a lot of experience in this field relating to both diagnostic and surgical laparoscopy (enucleation of fibroids, ovarectomies, sterilization, hysterectomy, etc.) As a routine measure this type of anesthesia is therefore offered to all patients who do not wish to have a general anesthetic and especially to patients with risk factors or during pregnancy, when laparoscopy with gas should not be used (poses risk to mother and baby). 
If you opt for this type of anesthesia, we shall try to make the operation time as pleasant as possible for you. You can either listen to CDs on a headphone. If certain parts of the operation are of interest or in any case, we shall show you the diagnosis and results on a monitor.

In the menu above under Patient's opinion, you can read an experience report of a patient, who was extremely anxious getting general anesthesia and long time searching for a hospital that perfoms laparoscopy without general anesthesia. She found our facility over the Internet and wrote the experience report in order to thank us.