Laparoscopy: no general anesthesia

Laparoscopy without general anesthesia

Laparoscopy without general anesthesia under regional anesthesia

In February 2009 I went to my gynecologist for cancer screening. During the ultrasonic testing she found a cyst on the right ovary. Six weeks later the cyst was still there. It had expanded. Now the size was about 4 to 5 centimeters. Therefore a more detailed medical check-up, a laparoscopy, became necessary and I was admitted to a hospital in my hometown. At the time I had no clear idea about the laparoscopy. I hoped that it could be comparable with an arthroscopy of knees and could be done without general anesthesia. My gynecologist couldn’t tell me anything about the type of applied anesthesia. Therefore I searched for information in the Internet and called the hospital. My fears were confirmed. Because of the application of gas, laparoscopy would only be done there with general anesthesia.


My dislike for general anesthesia is strong. I would only accept it, if there were no other possibility. I also had good experience with localanesthesia.That is why I searched the internet again. I searched feverishly for another solution. Finally I found the homepage of EndoGyn. I was relieved to find the following information:

In our hospitals however we are also able to perform laparoscopy without general anesthesia. At your request or in risk patients, the procedure of surgical laparoscopy without a general anesthesia is done, using instead what is known as regional anesthesia. A regional anesthesia at your request is only possible because we use "gasless" lift-laparoscopy.

After a weekend and a legal holiday I called Endogyn impatiently. I strongly hoped for a chance to schedule surgery there soon. Because of potential intricacies associated with a cyst, my gynecologist advised against waiting for a long time. At last I could phone with Dr. Kruschinski and could explain to him my concern. I could make an appointment for surgery with him at the Zuckerberg-Klinik in Braunschweig. The surgery was planned for a Monday at the end of April.


I travelled by car to Braunschweig on a Sunday morning. The drive took about 3,5 hours. Although I had good and detailed information about Endogyn and the gasless lift-laparoscopy, I was a little bit anxious. Fortunately I had a nice travel companion. At the Zuckerberg-Klinik we were cordially received. The house and its location are wonderful. I had more of a sense of holiday than of hospitalization. We took a walk in the park and enjoyed a cup of coffee on the sunny terrace of the restaurant. After this my companion had to travel home. But I stayed without sorrows. Soon the medical examinations began and I received an aperient.


At 3 p.m. I had the preoperative interview with the anesthetist. After that I felt a little bit insecure. I didn’t know if I would be able to handle local anesthesia. The consultation with Dr. Kruschinski followed at 5 p.m. I immediately had confidence in him. He encouraged me and supported me in my decision because of his experience in Laparoscopy without general anesthesia. Dr. Kruschinski has a calm and confident manner. I felt respected and taken seriously. He stood up for me and was on my side. I felt reassured and secured from doubts.Dr. Kruschinski always answered all my questions patiently and convinced me with his medical expertise. Everything was soothing and pleasant. The following ultrasonic testing confirmed the necessity for surgery. The cyst had expanded again. My anxiety that surgery could be unnecessary was thus removed. Dr. Kruschinski assured me that nothing would be done without informing me. At all times I had the feeling that it would be possible to make my own decisions. I never felt helpless or exposed.


Monday morning, after a shower I took a tranquilizer. Shortly after that, a nurse accompanied me to the operating room. There I was kindly received. The atmosphere was pleasant and caring. I had to wait for a short while. Dr. Kruschinski visited me and gave me more encouragement. He assured me that I could talk with him over the whole period of surgery. After that the surgery started. I got an injection in my back for local anesthesia. The injection was absolutely painless. Bit by bit my legs became numb. This was a strange feeling. My arms were not fastened, so it was possible to move them all the time. Altogether I felt relaxed. I noticed scarcely anything from the surgery. Once only I felt a light dragging pain on the left side of my ribcage. That was all. The time passed quickly. Maybe I slept for a while. I can’t remember exactly. About 10 a.m. surgery was over and I had to rest in the anesthetic recovery room for some time. There I again felt safe and secure.



At 1 p.m. I returned to my room. Fortunately I could have lunch at once. Afterwards I slept for a couple of hours. In the afternoon Dr. Kruschinski visited me. He explained to me the results of the surgery and promised to give me some photos of surgery the next day. The next morning I could stand up for a while with the help of a nurse. I felt a little bit queasy and drained. After the doctors rounds the catheter and the drain were removed. Now I could stand up without troubles. I had no pain at all. If I felt anything, it was more like a muscle ache. In the afternoon, I took a walk in the park. Daily Dr. Kruschinski looked in on me. He gave me the photos of surgery. That was interesting and I felt certain, that everything was now looking good. Day by day I felt better and I recovered from the surgery. The three little wounds on my abdomen healed very well. Friday I returned home.


I would like to give my sincere thanks to Dr. Kruschinski and his team. I would again decide in favor of surgeryby him and using the localanesthesia process anytime.


Claudia Kumpf