Gasless Lift-laparoscopy

Here is a short summary of the advantages with the technique of Lift-Laparoscopy: 

Laparoscopy with gas (CO= carbon dioxide) has many disadvantages for patients and surgeons.

Risks and disadvantages of the endoscopic procedure with Gas for the patient 


    High pressure in the abdomen as well as a a decrese of body temperature


    Subsequently pains, that can radiate as far as into the shoulder and neck-region partially for days


     Extension of the recuperation-phase


    Overload of the organism with carbonic acid


    Acidity of all organ systems


    Rare, but typical complications of an endoscopic operation can be: 
    Injury of organs or vessels upon the Verress needle with which the gas is insufflated

    to the abdominal cavity or through the additional trocars, that can cause also

    dangerous emergency situations (for example bleedings or air embolism)


    An air embolism in the vascular system through injury of big vessels during the operation

    with following death admittedly is rare, but, to hardly exclude, since the needle,

    that is inserted into the abdomen, without view, is therefore inserted

    "blindly" and therefore this complications can not be avoided completely.


    You can read about other complications here > Why gasless

    To make you understand what laparoscopy is like for the surgeon, please watch this:

    Would you eat your chicken like this ? 


    With the long and unusual instruments with two joints, the surgeon is loosing his tactile sense,

    he simply looses his "hand".

    A surgeon without tactile sense is like a surgeon without hands…

    The surgery becomes less precise, difficult, dangerous and takes more time than a laparotomy.


     The operations with the long instruments are difficult to learn.

    Therefore worldwide only 10 % of the surgeons are performing laparoscopic surgery.

    It means that 90 % are performing open surgeries (laparotomies)!

    EndoGyn is not using such instruments, only instruments from open conventional laparotomy

    which allow tactile sense, are utilised for gasless Lift-Laparoscopy >

    (please see the difference here)

    The goal for EndoGyn is to eliminate such kind of instruments and to allow all surgeons

    to learn laparoscopic techniques to bring the advantages of laparoscopy

    to all the patients throughout the world.


    Here are some slides with the advantages of Lift – Laparoscopy. 

    More to read about the technique of Lift-Laparoscopy you will find here:


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