Finally they all get it !

Finally even the gas-laparoscopic gynecologic surgeons get, what Dr. Daniel Kruschinski was teaching since 19 years!

Dr. Errico Zupi from the Rome University, is a colleague, joining together with Dr. Kruschinski some congresses in Italy in the years 1991-1994. Dr. Kruschinski demonstrates there gasless Lift-laparoscopy and at this time like other laparoscopic surgeons, Dr. Zupi was totally non-interested in gasless laparoscopy.   

Meanwhile Dr. Zupi has the position of Vicepresident of the American Association for Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL), the world's largest organization for gynecologic laparoscopists. 



While Dr. Kruschinski has performed more than 5000 gasless lift-laparoscopic procedures, E.Zupi et al. report advantages of gasless laparoscopy over gas-laparoscopy, comparing the first 30 cases against similar 30 cases, operated on by gas-laparoscopy by the same surgeons. 

It is nice to see that even Top-Experts seem to recognize the many advantages gasless Lift-Laparoscopy has over gas-laparoscopy!    

More enthusiastic is the fact that even the pioneers of gas-laparoscopy, like Prof. Victor Gomel from Vancouver in Canada, who is one of the pioneers of gas-laparoscopy in the world, recommend gasless laparoscopy:  


and report about it as "Isobaric Laparoscopy". However isobaric laparoscopy is just another term, but in fact also "gasless laparoscopy, which is  performed by italian colleagues and their friends with an italian abdominal wall lifting  system, the "Laparotenser".

Only the fact that the pioneers and top-experts of gas-laparoscopy change their minds, shows that the technique of gasless lift-laparoscopy, introduced and modified over the years by Dr. Kruschinski, finally after 19 years will enter into the surgical field.     

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